We recommend interviewing and asking for references from anyone you consider hiring as a general practice. Even though we believe the businesses listed here are reputable we cannot, and do not guarantee what kind of experience you may have due to so many variables that come into play when hiring someone.

Santa Barbara Title Companies

Fidelity National Title:  1284 Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA. 93108   805.565.7800

2. First American Title: 3780 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA. 93105   805.687.1581

First American Title: 1150-C Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA. 93108 805.969.6883

3. Chicago Title Insurance Company: 1227 Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA. 93108 805.695.0449 (Jennie Ralston)

WFG National Title Company: 3757 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA. 93105  Ste. 300B  805.687.1700 (Reagan Erdman)   Lee Hung: 805.280.8824  WFG Title Insurance Company

Mortgage Brokers

1. Maddox Rees:  cell: 805.570.6999   Guaranteed Rate  maddox@rate.com

2. Jasun Carter:  cell: 805.451.3404   1st Capital Mortgage Company jasuncarter@firstcapitalmtg.com  866.815.1010

3. Scott Bradley:  1st Capital Mortgage Company  cell: 805.403.4012  scottbradley@firstcapitalmtg.com

4.Hugo Mendez: Guarantee Mortgage 805.570.9198

Commercial Real Estate Lenders    More than Four Units, Construction, and Land Purchases

1.Tracy Pfautch Pacific Western Bank  cell: 805.570.0616 TPfautch@pacificwesternbank.com

2.Tino Munoz Pacific Western Bank cell: 805.451.8595  tmunoz@pacificwesternbank.com     Pacific Western Bank

Reverse Mortgage

1.Hugo Mendez  Guarantee Mortgage  805.570.9198  Hugo Mendez Reverse Mortgages


1. List of AIA Architects for Santa Barbara  Santa Barbara Architects

Auto Touch Up (Ding Repair)

1.Jimmy’s Touch Up (as recommended by the SB Auto Group) 805.294.3759


1.Litchfield Builders 805.729.2357 Steve@LitchfieldBuildersSB.com  Litchfield Builders


1.Tice Wagner “Cabinets, Carpentry, and Beyond”   805.886.9303      mlwtaw9493@yahoo.com

Certified Public Accountant

1. Joan Green   (805) 969.5081  jgreen@hdpcpa.com

Chimney Service

1. George Murdoch  805.451.7511  info@TubularGeorge.com

Concrete Pumping Services

1.Eric Bradle     805.498.5936 reacheric@yahoo.com  Conejo Concrete (Bonded and Insured)

Contractors (General Contractors)

1.Paul Wadsworth 805.452.5503    2PaulW@gmail.com

2.Island View Construction * Carlos Gonzales 805.698.1243  info@islandviewsb.com Island View Construction

Custom Furniture

1.Emil Dilanian   818.645.5595  emil.emplo@yahoo.com

Doors and Windows

1.Portofino Doors and Windows 805.966.4263 Portofino Doors and Windows


1. Michael P. Johnson  805.569.5300

Heckman Electric  805.455.1176   heckmanelectric@gmail.com  Heckman Electric

Estate Planning  Reduce Taxes on Real Estate Transactions

1 Timothy Wilbur 805.340.0795  TimFWilbur@gmail.com  EstatePlanningTeam

2.Richard Hershey 818.324.6586  Richard@wereducetaxes.com  EstatePlanningTeam


1.William (Bill) Dalziel   805.698.4318 BillDalziel@yahoo.com (General Contractor) Inspections-Repairs-Reports


1.South Coast Fumigators  805.965.6354 Jim Werner SouthCoastFumigators@gmail.com South Coast Fumigators

Grout and Ceramic Tile (Repair)

1.Regrout: Michael Taylor     groutking@aol.com    805.598.3217  Regrout

Handy Man

1. Mark Baird – General Contractor  805.968.1234 mark.baird@sbcoxmail.com Your Handy Man in SB


1.”Same Day Hauling” Ignacio Loza Jr.  805.680.9494 (Demo/Clean Up/Trash Pick Up/Deliver & Moving)

Home Inspectors

1.Mike Hasty : 805-415-7531   mikeh@805hi.com      www.805hi.com

2. Jay O’ Brien  805.466.3148  obinspections@aol.com    www.obrienbuildinginspections.com

3. Pillar to Post    Tom Valinote  805.388.7975    tom.valinote@pillartopost.com              Pillar to Post

4. Lenz Pest Control  Alex Salcedo  805.962.9151

5. Action Roofing  Doug Bean 805.966.3696 cell: 805.896.3294    doug@aroofing.com    Action Roofing

6. Jhonny’s Pest Control   Marcos Sancha 805.685.4848  Marcos@JhonnysPestControl.com  JhonnysPestControl

7. Home Diagnostics   Jimmy Martinez   805.315.2596   Jimmy@hdinspect.com   Home Diagnostics

Interior Design

1. Meryl Stern    201.248.1747  MS9464@aol.com   MerylSternINTERIORS

International Real Estate Tax Services    Tax Information for Foreign Citizens/Residents Selling Property in California

1. Michael W. Brooks, Esq.  (cell) 760.898.3413   info@directsllp.com  International Real Estate Tax Services

Planning and Permitting Services

1. Suzanne Elledge 805.966.2758  suzanne#sepps.com Suzanne Elledge Planning & Permitting Services

2. Jared Ficker 805.695.2350 jficker@calstrat.com 805.695.2350 (Attaining permits for land development projects) Jared Ficker

3.Jennifer Foster 805.565.8522  fosterplanning@cox.net

4.Jarrett Gorin 805.966.3966      jarrett.gorin@vanguardplanning.com     Vanguard Planning

Pool Service

1. Dolphin Pools 805.395.2600 Pools@DolphinPoolsSB.com   Dolphin Pools

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

1.Julie Diamond     805.272.5023     Julie.diamond@gmail.com

Real Estate Attorney

1.Eric Burkhardt   805.966.6774    CastleSB@aol.com

2.Marcus J. Kocmur  805.966.7715   MKocmur@BFASlaw.com   Real Estate*Commercial Litigation*Environmental*Energy*Land Use


1.Action Roofing 805.966.3696 Jack Martin jack@aroofing.com Action Roofing

Senior Relocation Services

1.Kip Glover  805.452.4423    kip@KipGlover.com    Senior Relocation Services

Stager / Staging

1.Santa Barbara Staging  Beth Harake 805.455.0131  itwasstaged@gmail.com   Santa Barbara Staging

2. Metamorphosis   Leesa Wilson-Goldmuntz  805.570.4986  LWG@mhedesigns.com     Metamorphosis

3.Delicious Decors   Penny 805.448.9226  Delicious Decors

4. Victoria Lindstrom  805.886.4014

5. Musette Profant  510.710.7105 musette@sterlingsites.com   Sterling

6. Designed to Move (DTM) 310.274.5878 office@designedtomove.com DesignedToMove and DTMInteriors

Vacation Rentals

1.Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara    805.319.4045   Vacation Rentals of Santa Barbara

2.Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals   805.617.0438    Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals

3.Paradise Retreats  805.275.1851  Paradise Retreats


1.Santa Barbara Pet Hospital  Sally Mobraaten  805.963.1544  1807 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara  California  Santa Barbara Pet Hospital

1031 Exchange Connections Santa Barbara, California

Greg Burns: IPX 1031 Exchange   greg.burns@ipx1031.com  (626) 233-2773 & 800-327-5347   (Judy LeMert of Fidelity Title also recommended) (Lee Hung of WFG Title Co. also recommended)

Judy W. Egenolf, President, CES: Amherst Exchange Corporation (805) 962-6262 ext.1    judy@amherst1031.com   (Recommended by WFG Title Co. & Guarantee Mortgage)

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